Matimoo Evil Eye Bracelet (White)


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The Evil eye bracelet is simple yet unique much like our design. Our materials have integrity we use a high quality cord with a wax coating to ensure durability, the cord is adjustable and can fit a wide range of wrist sizes.
Each bracelet comes with a set of two eyes one traditional blue & White bead which sits front and center. Then located on the back side of your wrist sits another metal bead with the evil eye etched in.
This subtle detail was implemented based upon the notion that a second set of eyes is always better than one.
After sometime of wear the bracelet might fall off, it is generally believed that when bracelets of this nature shed off ones wrist that it has served its purpose to shield and protect
Cord Adjusts to different wrists sizes.
Maximum Size: 9 Inches
Minimum Size: 5 Inches
Cord is made from natural cotton coated by shiny wax coating for protection.
Blue Evil eye bead size: 3/4 inches
Blue Evil Eye bead is made from plastic resin. Silver bead is made from metal.


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