How It All Began

In Greek Mati means Eye and Mou Means My.Thus creating the foundation for Matimoo “myeye”

The Mati symbolizes protection and is meant to ward off any evil that could infringe upon one’s life. Throughout myMatimoo Fall Colors life I have always been a believer in the Evil Eye. Through good times and challenging times I have believed that having an extra “eye” on hand couldn’t hurt. This one symbol is universal amongst several cultures and holds a strong significance throughout the world.

My personal connection to the Mati was about 7 years ago when I was in a serious car accident. My car was practically totaled and I walked away without one scratch. Hanging from my rear view mirror was my evil eye, which I had always kept in my car. In the aftermath of the accident I looked up and there was my Mati intact, at that very moment I realized it had done its job in protecting me. I often reflect back to that day and how fortunate I was to have survived.


Matimoo was formed from the joint belief that sometimes unsolicited evil or bad energy can enter your life unexpectedly. Throughout my life I have endured personal triumphs and tragedies and while I embrace both the good and the bad I hold the “Mati” near and dear to my heart. For years my husband wanted to wear an evil eye bracelet but never wanted anything large or cumbersome and preferred something minimal and simplistic. We then began our quest to create a simplistic design detail that would encompass our vision. We hope that you enjoy our collection which is enriched with protection.

“Kali Tixi” “May it bring you Good Luck”
“Wear it in good health”

With Great Appreciation,

Team Matimoo