Easily Adjustable  


We wanted to provide some additional tips on how  to achieve your preferred fit, below is a step by step guide on how to adjust your Matimoo evil eye bracelet.  When following these critical steps, the perfect fit in which you desire is obtainable.

It is important to note that each bracelet is hand tightened and adjusted prior to being shipped. If you detect some firmness initially when trying to expand the bracelet, we then suggest pushing back on the knots a couple of times by sliding them back and forth. That should loosen the knots and allow you to begin the process of adjustment.

Another fun fact is that when you receive your bracelet, you will notice that it is featured in the package adjusted down to its smallest size. Don’t allow that to deceive you, the bracelet actually expands and contracts for individual customization.

Adjustment Process:

  • The most important fact to keep in mind is that Matimoo bracelets are easily adjustable by sliding the knot across the strings.
  • You must push back on the knots to expand and then follow the same method to contract the bracelet.
  • In order to determine which knot is stationary and which one glides we recommend giving a test pull in order to decipher between the two.
  • Once you establish which string remains stationary vs. which string glides back and forth you can easily begin the sizing process.  
  • Lastly the knots always serve as the anchor to adjusting. Pushing back = Expanding. Pushing  Forward=Contracting.