Giving Back

Our mission at Matimoo is to be able to impact lives throughout many different landscapes.
Fuck Cancer

It is for that reason we decided that even in our beginning stages that any size contribution can have a great impact. In our first year of business 1% of all sales will be donated to the charity FuckCancer. From that point on in March of each year we will celebrate the anniversary of Matimoo by adding 1% more to the total contribution.

For any questions regarding donations please e-mail us at

                              Why Cancer?

In March 2012 Cancer changed my family’s life when my father was diagnosed with stage 3 Lung Cancer. The next 15 months were spent fighting for his life and ultimately he lost his battle. The disease won on June 18th 2013, I often wonder if we had only caught it sooner what if? For that reason FuckCancer is the charity of choice for Matimoo. As cancer continues to impact the lives of so many around the world, it is important that early detection and awareness becomes a best practice globally.

Please join Matimoo on our quest to support the awareness around early detection.

With Great Appreciation,

Team Matimoo