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    I have to admit that I’m thrilled when I can interview a creative person about their ecommerce business and website hosting. So of course I was happy to find Stacey, who owns an online jewelry boutique that is powered by a hosting package from InterServer and agreed to my interview. Here’s what she has to say about her experience with this web hosting company, which offers a variety of managed hosting plans.

    Hi Stacey! Thanks for agreeing to share your experience with InterServer. Before we get into the cold, hard facts, could you please tell us a bit more about you and your business?

    I held merchant and senior management roles for two major luxury retailers throughout my 12-year career working for others. But my real passion is fashion and that’s why I created my own collection with the anticipation of building my own brand. This past year has been about applying all of my life’s work and industry knowledge to build Matimoo from the ground up. My only other hobby is kickboxing. I try to attend classes three times a week, schedule permitting.

    Fit and fashionable – I love it! Your lovely website is an e-commerce site hosted on InterServer. Can you share why you choose this hosting company over others?

    I live in New Jersey and what appealed to me most was that InterServer was a local company and offered support 24/7 and happened to be in the same time zone as me. I also looked into the pricing and it was very competitive so this web host seemed like a good fit.

    Note: Although InterServer’s datacenter is located in New Jersey, they still provide speedy page loading throughout the United States and beyond. See the speed data in our InterServer review.

    Stacey, you have a fully managed WordPress hosting package. How does InterServer help you manage your website hosting?

    The extent of my tech savviness begins and ends with the usage of my iPhone. Although I have become much more proficient with WordPress in order to manage my site, InterServer ultimately manages the backups and a majority of the processes for me.

    “…InterServer ultimately manages the backups and a majority of the processes for me. ”

    This sounds like a good option for website neophytes. As part of that package, InterServer offers free daily and weekly backup service. Have you ever had to use a backup to restore your site?

    My site was hacked in November as a result of a bad plugin. The support department was absolutely amazing! They fully restored and cleaned up my site, no questions asked. All I did was make one phone call!

    “They fully restored and cleaned up my site, no questions asked.”

    I’m sure many of our readers want to know the details about InterServer’s customer support department. Can you tell us more about how they helped to resolve your issue with the bad plugin?

    After I enabled a new plugin my site went pure white. As I am sure you can understand this was pretty traumatic for me considering my level of expertise. I immediately called technical support and within 30 minutes, John replied saying everything had been taken care of. I was absolutely shocked, because all I could think about for that half hour period was how my site had been entirely wiped out. I’m a firm believer in recognizing good service therefore I called back the next day and asked to speak to a manager to sing John’s praises. They were so gracious! They told me to call anytime and that they appreciated me keeping them busy. Well trust me, if all their customers are like me then they are definitely kept busy.

    You’ve told us you that you don’t have a lot of technical knowledge so you appreciate their awesome support. Do you have any other favorite features of your hosting plan?

    Yes! Everything is quick, simple and essentially unlimited. I was impressed by the price value offering because sometimes lower prices mean lower quality of performance or support. Well, in this case I am beyond blown away with the service and support I continue to receive for the amount I pay. I also received an additional discount off the listed price when I paid for a year upfront and no contract was needed, which had been a major deterrent for me when I was shopping other webhosting providers.

    “…I am beyond blown away with the service and support I continue to receive for the amount I pay.”

    Do you use a hosted email account? If so, have you ever had any issues with it, in regards to account setup, mobile access, timeliness of delivery, etc.?

    I do have my email account hosted with InterServer and currently no issues with sending or receiving or data transmission! All is up and running smoothly.

    It sounds as if you love your web host! Any last words you’d like to share about InterServer?

    I read a little more about InterServer before this interview and one thing I find amazing is that they are independently owned and all operations are out of the U.S. I thought that was pretty nifty. Lastly, I would highly recommend them because they truly are vested in customer service and without their support I would probably need to hire someone to manage my site. So thank you InterServer!

    “I would highly recommend them because they truly are vested in customer service…”

    Thank you, Stacey! We will be sure to check back with you often to see what new designs you’ve got added to your website (Matimoo.com). To learn more about InterServer, read up our InterServer review.